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Parish Wide Precautionary Boil Water Advisory Update

We will begin sampling tomorrow morning. Samples will then be transported to the state lab on tomorrow as well. Sample results should be in Wednesday around noon.
We will notify customers by Facebook, APWW's webpage, and OEP's notification system as to when the Precautionary Boil Water Advisory is lifted.
We want to thank everyone who conserved water, repaired their leaks timely and/or reported leaks throughout the water system. Your efforts were not in vain.
We also want to thank our staff members for the hard and diligent work they put forth during this freeze event. They braved freezing cold temperatures monitoring equipment, accepting and responding to calls all hours of the night, remained in constant communication with staff/public, and so much more! Your efforts are truly appreciated.
We will update as new information is provided. Until then please continue to check for leaks, notify us if you see a leak, and continue to conserve water as much as possible.
Our water system is recovering and things should be back to normal soon.
Thanks again and Happy Holidays!!!